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Missing Heir Probate Reporters
An Introduction

Since its founding in 1913, W. C. COX and Company has sought to strengthen its system of combining full time employees with carefully selected independent contractors. Both search diligently for current "unknown" and "missing heir" probate filings, while also ferreting out older cases still buried in county courthouses, together with uncovering estate assets deposited with state treasurers. Not only have these alliances profited the company, but its reporters have also reaped handsome rewards.

Perhaps you, too can find satisfying new opportunities as a reporter for W. C. COX. Reporters EARN EXTRA MONEY sending us "unknown" and "missing heir" cases filed with local probate courts. It is not unusual for our more experienced reporters, relying on personal skills and persistence of effort, to earn thousands of dollars in annual commissions.

Naturally, the first criterion for any workable case is its value. Although exceptions to any set of arbitrary standards obviously exist, most "unknown" and "missing heir" cases of interest to us have an opening value between $50,000 and $100,000. There are, of course, no restrictions on the upper limits of value!

PROCEDURES FOR COMPENSATION: For those who are first to report a particular case, two payments are possible: 1) when it accepts a new case, the company offers an initial "acceptance fee" and: 2) if we are successful in locating heirs and proving their right to inherit, reporters are paid an additional percentage when the case finally closes, an amount based on the fee W. C. COX and Company actually earns.